November 24 & 25

Dr. Phillips Center Seneff Arts Plaza

Downtown Orlando

A quick overview

Fusion Fest This grassroots effort is working to showcase the many nationalities and backgrounds and rich heritages that make up Central Florida. We will show the world how we are creatively building off those resources to create a new and unique community that can be a model of innovation and diversity.   Steering Committee Members serve as a liaison to a region of the world, seeking to find a liaison for each nation and heritage from that area.  In addition, they serve as the volunteer leaders to move the project along.  We aim to have two steering committee members from each of these regions at this time: Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceana/Pacific Islands, South America.   Nations Liaisons One or two people from each nation are invited to come to a bimonthly gathering of the nations (or to send a representative) and to serve as an ambassador to others in the community with the same heritage, letting them know about the progress of this project and working to see that their nation/heritage is represented in the final event.  Their input and help in shaping and bringing the event to reality is welcomed and needed.

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