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FusionFest encourages creativity and innovation through contests for participants who will fuse elements from different heritages into a new and exciting original.  Music, dance, fashion and food all offer $1,000 prizes and the theme of celebrating our diversity is encouraged with $1,000 prizes in film, spoken word and visual arts.  Each area is judged by a different diverse panel of judges.

The awards given at the 2019 FusionFest are:


Judges:  Randy Baker, Jason Gregory, Henry Maldonado, Jim Martin, Disco San Andreas, Craig Richards, Barry Sandler and Ula Stoeckl.

Ø $1,000 MYgration film Winner & Audience Award: Omar Young 

Ø $250 Enzian Membership Student Winner: Carlos Rocha, Full Sail University student


Judges: Miguel Bustamante, Yvonne Coleman, Wagner Fulco, Elizabeth Fullington, Keith Lay and Erin Sullivan

Ø $1,000 Fusion Musical performance: Will n’ Ray feat. Matt Duarte


Judges: Julie Coleman, John Davis, Linda Hayes Gallegos, Cecilia Mao, Ivan Mao, DJ Salisbury and Raquel Tacon

Ø $1,000 Fusion Dance Performance: Peru Art

Ø Finalists (in order of their scores): Peru Art, Mexico Lindo Flolkloric Dance Ensemble, Casa de la Venezuela, Aretuza’s Ballerina Project, Manu Afi, World Dance Orlando, Serafima, Ada, Central Florida Irish Dance School, African Heritage Ensemble, A Magi Belly Dance & World Dance, Rhythym Theory Tap) showcasing later in the day at FusionFest.


Judges: Richard Gretsky, Frankie Messina and Nicole Smith

Ø $500 Sat Slam: Dennis Amadeus

Ø $100 Sat Haiku: Edward P Mabrey Jr

Ø $500 Sun Slam: Eddie Figures

Ø $100 Sun Haiku: Amy Pho


Judges: Starr Dalton, Devinder, AJ Gonzalez, Hozumi Greiner, Ha’Ani Hogan, Brigitte Jensen, Nicole Smith and Nadege Wilson

Ø $1,000 Fashion Fusion: Londa Msani 

Visual Art

Judges: Shepherd Clark, Alberto Gomez, Naoko Izuhara, Una Paris, Jean-Claude Rasch and Shalini Tandon

Ø $1,000 “I Can Be Me Here” art: Mar Martinez (pronounced “Mair”)


Judges: Pierrette Favreau, Guillermo Herrera, Scott Joseph, Jean-Luc Maurice and Dana Roquemore

Ø $1,000 Fusion Food: Sticky Rice Lao Street Food

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