The Virtual World

A free online interactive experience designed to connect and celebrate our diverse communities within the comfort and safety of our homes. 

Stay tuned for the next Virtual World event!

FusionFest is a safe place to explore and experience new (to you) aspects of the heritages behind our neighbors.  Join FusionFest’s Virtual World and:

  • Meet someone new.
  • Shed light on what all we share as human beings.
  • Build compassion, empathy, and understanding.
  • Learn about a different culture or heritage.
  • Have fun!

Our virtual experience takes place inside a software platform called Topia. Topia is a unique way to connect virtually using video chat (similar to Zoom) and a digitally drawn map space which we are creating with local artist’s illustrations. 

The design will represent Orlando and the fusion of heritages we celebrate every year at FusionFest. Each attendee will have an avatar they use to walk around the map, with the option of stopping to engage with each other and various activities spread throughout. As an avatar approaches other avatars their video chat box appears, allowing all in the area to video chat. 

It encourages new connections like an in-person event would, but it is all done from the safety of our homes. Live video, sound, and other animations occur as an avatar approaches specific sections of the map. We even have illustrations which act like portals, allowing attendees to travel into other maps we are creating for some of our key experiences.  

Virtual World Curator

Danielle Ziss

Danielle Ziss

[email protected]

Interactive Village Coordinator

Tisse Mallon

[email protected]

Culture Cafe

Logan Anderson

Featured Artist

Jesse James