Help us show the world the beauty of diversity here in Central Florida by becoming a FusionFest Ambassador.

Will you partner with us today?

Your donation will contribute to the portion of festival budget that’s entirely raised by the local community and will support our goal of bringing people from all over our city to join in the celebration of our unique global community. We are best when we work together and we cherish your partnership. To show our gratitude, we’d also like to list you as a FusionFest Ambassador on our website.

We hope to raise more than $30,000 from 200 donors through our Ambassador Fund.

$4,209 raised of $30,000


2019 FusionFest Ambassadors

        1. Nargges Albekord
        2. Nilda Alejandro
        3. Beatriz Andrekovich
        4. Mary Lou Basham
        5. Teresa Borker
        6. Shirley Cannon, Pine Castle Historical Society
        7. Robert Carter
        8. Navi Chaudhary, Delhi Style Food
        9. Donna Dowless
        10. Ross Dutton
        11. Mark Ferrera
        12. Bethany Harris
        13. CT Hsu
        14. Maria Garcia
        15. Veggie Garden, Vietnamese Vegan & Vegetarian Cuisine
        16. Hal Kantor
        17. Bob Kovacevich, Avatar Company
        18. Eva Krzewinski, Pearls for Women
        19. Daveena Langton
        20. Chris Legget
        21. Julie Anne Leggett
        22. Rita Lowndes
        23. Melyssa Marshall
        24. Ashleigh Mausser, AshrockArt
        25. Jasbir Mehta, Asian Cultural Association
        26. Mexicanas en Orlando
        27. Jeff & Mindy Moore
        28. Frederick Napoli
        29. Mai Huong Nguyen
        30. Terry Olson
        31. Sammy Pawlak, God’s House Orlando
        32. Jennifer Quigley
        33. Fabienne Reid
        34. Laiz Rodrigues, Brazil America Council
        35. Sara Segal
        36. Judith Shaley
        37. Jillian Smith
        38. Mark Terry
        39. Myles Thoroughgood
        40. Trudy Wild
        41. Bickley Wilson