Benoit Glazer (Canada)

By August 18, 20212021 Film Subject

Multi-instrumentalist, conductor. Credited on hundreds of CD’s film scores, TV appearances, and thousands of live shows. I also performed La Nouba 8500 times before retiring in 2017. Father of three, my kids are musicians, veterinary surgeons, cooks, gamers, and multi-faceted people. I took up golf at 50, and practice every day. I hope to become a decent golfer some day.Co-founder of the Timucua Arts Foundation in 2000, I am now the artistic director of this ever growing cultural phenomenon. We are hitting our 1000th public concert at the house, and we turn 21 in mid-September 2021. I have always been interested in instrument making, and I have built an electric bass for my son Charles Édouard, mutes and other things for string instruments, and I play a self designed and built D trumpet in some of the concertos I have written for myself. I now spend most of my time preparing for events, and mixing and editing the videos I give to everyone who performs at Timucua.

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