Craig Richards

By August 26, 2020September 10th, 2020Film Judges 2020

Craig Richards spent his formative years in Toronto, Canada. Educated at the Columbia College Film Program, and the exclusive Photo/Electric Arts Program at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Mr. Richards formed his first business “The Art Department”, providing Production Design/Art Direction for the burgeoning Toronto independent film industry. With money, contacts from “The Art Department”, My Richards created “Pi Production” a technical production company providing services for over 23 feature films. After selling “Pi Productions” in 1996, Mr. Richards established “BigDiesel Films” a production company. Mr. Richards, from ’98 to ’01 Produced (Special Events and Seminars) the Florida Film Festival, (during his tenure was rated in the top ten festivals worldwide). ’99-’02: Board of Directors, Enzian Theater. ’01-’05: Board of Directors, Woman in Film, and TV Florida. In 2002, he received a grant ($50,000) from Workforce Florida/moedc to produce the Orlando Technology Forums. Aside from his support of the arts, he sits on the Advisory board of the Full Sail Film Program and has received a National Leadership Award.

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