Debbie Mitchell

By August 26, 2020August 25th, 20212021 Film Judges
Emmy-nominated network television producer Deborah Mitchell is a veteran of ABC and CBS News, a member of the Producers Guild of America, and a board member of the James Beard Broadcast and Media Awards Committee. Through Deborah Mitchell Media Associates, she will create your online personality with a customized website, book you on the right television show, manage your social media profiles, and connect you with the best and brightest digital influencers. Mitchell is a weekly contributor for and the author of So You Want To Be On TV.
Mitchell is a multimedia producer with knowledge in a wide spectrum of fields, including cultural and lifestyle trends–especially in food, fashion, and travel. She founded Deborah Mitchell Media Associates as well as The Blogger Connection, a blogger network.
As an executive producer, Mitchell has experience creating television projects from the concept stage until their successful on-air launch and beyond. Recently, Mitchell served as the executive producer for Arise TV’s Our Take, a daily international women’s talk show that engaged viewers through social media. Mitchell can provide valuable consultations to traditional media companies seeking to identify and develop viable talent and stories for the Web. While she specializes in preparing content for social TV, she stays on top of all forms of media, communications, and technology as they evolve. She produces informative, engaging, and accurate content for an effective on-air or online presence on every platform.

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