Devinder Singh Malhan

By September 15, 2020Fashion Judge

Orlando-based visual artist and designer Devinder Singh Malhan has been reinventing his creative eye ever since his origins in Calcutta, the capital of India’s modern artistic, literary, cultural and educational movements. As an adolescent, Malhan first garnered recognition for his drawings and paintings of prophets, who are highly revered by various Indian cultures.

Devinder’s 2019 “Human Faces” collection is a Neo-Impressionism series featuring oil, charcoal, and acrylic on canvas. His social commentary looks at urban landscapes reflected within the human form and the reflection of place through emotion—an introspective glance through the constructed environment of our cities.

After moving to Orlando, FL at age 18, Devinder opened a successful boutique on Park Avenue, which ran for 15 years. Inspired further by design, Malhan attended The Rhode Island School Of Design (RISD).

A 2001 backpacking trip through India in which he observed the country’s intricately woven textiles and beadwork motivated Devinder to launch his own design line, KC Malhan. KC Malhan designs have been featured in Vogue UK, GQ UK, Cosmopolitan UK, Oprah, People, Redbook and Times of India.

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