Diversitastic! Dining Club

Join FusionFest’s Diversitastic! Dining Club for one or all these great Culinary and Cultural Immersions right here in Central Florida. You’ll receive a full meal, chef talk about the food and eating customs, entertainment, presentation about the culture and more.
Each month FusionFest will offer patrons a chance to immerse themselves into exploring the tastes, sights, sounds and mindsets of another part of the world.
Each experience is approximately $50 all included. 

(Additional alcoholic drinks billed separately)


January – Ethiopia – The Nile
February – Brazil  – Boi Brazil Churrascaria
March – Vietnam – Veggie Garden
April – Russia – Lacompka
May – US Cajun*
June – Turkey – Turquaz Turkish Cuisine & Hookah Bar
August – Caribbean*
September – East Asia* 
October – Pacific*
November – Europe* 

Learn more about each experience