Create a display of your cultural heritage at FusionFest! 

FusionFest is making available a covered display area for one organization from each area of the world during the festival on November 27 & 28. 

Attendance is expected  between 5,000 and 15,000. 


What FusionFest provides: 

• An audience of  thousands of people

• A covered platform (5’ x 7’) with protective rails for the exclusive use of the participating organization 

• Night-time security 


What the participating organization provides: 

• Complete Application by November 1. 

• Donation to FusionFest to cover costs ($100 ) 

• Decoration of their platform box to display their cultural heritage. 

• This can be a static display that people view from the outside 

• This can be set up with a person or persons in the box to demonstrate or explain 

• This could be something the audience members step into for an interactive experience. 

• You can do whatever you like with the space to present your culture. 


  • Nov. 1: Applications Deadline

  • Nov. 5: Approval notices

  • Nov. 26: Displays Setup

  • Nov. 27 & 28: FusionFest

Cultural Displays Curator

Beatriz Andrekovich