Food Application

Contribute to the tantalizing explosion of aromas at the International Food Court, where a vast array of yumminess awaits. Prepare sample-size portions of sweet and savory culinary specialties and beverages from around the world, from exotic treats to down-home delights. Combine ingredients, spices or preparation techniques native to the seven continents to compete with FusionFest Contest medleys.


Intent to Participate: August 1, 2019

Curating (further information may be needed): month of August

Acceptance Notification:  September 1, 2019

Final Promotional Materials Due: September 15, 2019

Initial-Set-up (food, merchandise): Friday, November 29, 10 am – 6 pm or Saturday, November 30, 6 am – 10 am ACCORDING TO PERMIT ISSUED

Festival Hours:  Saturday, November 30, Noon – 9:00 pm, Sunday, December 1, Noon – 5:00 pm


Details and Application of Intent to Participate

  • Show off and sell the food of your heritage in tasting sizes for $3 or $6 or $9. You must have at least one item for $3. Aim for high volume of a limited menu.
  • Food and Drinks will be purchased with Tokens. The festival sells 3 tokens for $10 and covers all credit card costs.
  • Vendors will not accept payments at their booths. Reimbursement will occur at the end of each day or weekend.
  • The festival provides menu signs with token prices at your booth and  at the entrances

Details and Application of Intent to Participate

  • Prepare your fusion dish for 20 on Sunday, December 1.  (10 judges and 10 selected audience members.
  • Fusion Food award given on Sunday, December 1 at 5:00 pm

FusionFest Parade

As a FusionFest food participant, you are invited to participate in the FusionFest Parade –  A colorful display of Central Florida’s cultural heritage featuring costumes, puppets, music, dancing, flags and local officials. To participate, gather at 11:30 am at the City Commons Parking Garage, 460 S Boone Ave each day.  The parade will wind through the festival grounds and be finished by 12:30 pm each day. 

Fusion Food Curator


We are deliciously excited to be working with you on FusionFest. You can reach us at [email protected]