Gonzalo Betancor (Guatemala & Uruguay)

By August 18, 20212021 Filmmaker

Hello, my name is Gonzalo. I was born and raised in Northern Virginia, specifically Springfield. My parents were both immigrants that moved to the United States for a better life. As a child we would spend summers in Guatemala with my Mom’s family and winters in Uruguay to escape the cold with my Dad’s. My Dad loved movies and would tell us stories of his filmmaking days as a youth in Uruguay. That is where I get my love of cinema from. I ended up pursuing a degree in Architecture after high school as design is another passion of mine. However, my love of cinematography and itch to get behind a camera has been with me since a child. I’m now currently enrolled in Full Sail’s film bachelor’s program in order to pursue this love of mine to the fullest. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing similar stories to the one’s my parents told me growing up. I wish to inspire other’s with my work and hope that I have the opportunity to give a voice to communities that need it most.

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