NC Hagood (Ecuador)

By November 22, 2021Gallery 2021

My art is a like a dream where fleeting moments in time have been captured. I use these glimpses of what I recall from my dreams as inspiration. I start by doing strong and quick marks of what I remember in a raw and fundamental manner. Once I have formed this foundation, I start adding shapes and further designing my piece with paint, paper and any other media which is I think the piece demands. I allow myself to intuitively start following the direction the piece starts going, There are many layers of paint, paper and mixed media thru this process, many times the fundamental design will change but it’s underlying structure will be implied. This method also allows feelings from within to come thru and speak and go beyond thought. I strive not for perfection but rather I want to show the hand of the artist and soul. In short, I catch fragments of my dreams and transfer them for the viewer to observe. “Sharing the soul through creativity is a great feeling and it happens every time one creates”. (NC)

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