Huellas de Colombia Folkdances (Colombia)

By September 3, 2020Dance Heritage 2020

Huellas de Colombia Folkdances was created in 2010 in the SU at UCF, where director and choreographer Maria Fernanda Saavedra taught and performed folkloric dances representing Colombia for six years at UCF (28 years of experience so far). After a meeting Maria Fernanda Saavedra and her friends held at the student union, they thought that it would be great to have the group performing on and off campus; Since then, Huellas de Colombia Folkdances has been performing in all kind of community events.\nHuellas de Colombia Folkdances is dedicated to cultivating and promoting Colombia’s culture, folklore, heritage and traditions through dancing, teaching and performing in public, community and private events.\nHuellas de Colombia Folkdances have taught Colombia’s folklore to many people from different Heritages embracing diversity and inclusion as crucial aspects of our mission.

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