Human Interaction

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Multiple opportunities to contribute and connect: Swap stories with strangers, immortalize your heritage in paper or learn to speak a new language. Adding your voice to the many is a fun way to start a whole new chapter in the tale of you.

Butterfly World Globe

The origin of paper folding came from East Asia, commonly practiced in Japan, China, and societies all over the world today. “Origami” means paper folding in Japan. Learn to fold an origami butterfly and then stick it on an inflatable globe over your country.


We all carry heavy thoughts— mistakes, regrets, desires, fears— ease your mind by anonymously confiding in a stranger. We welcome you to @peace, a judgment-free experience dedicated to art and human connection. @peace is an interactive installation that encourages inner peace through the use of uplifting art and the act of releasing heavy thoughts by confiding in a stranger.

Culture Cafe

Culture Café is an outdoor café where guests will sample coffees and teas sourced from different regions of the globe while they encounter meaningful conversations with our storytellers. The topics range from cultural identity, international traditions and points-of-view, to unique mind-expanding and life-changing experiences. Join us to sip and listen!

Mini Language Lessons

The Orlando Language Exchange invites you to take a 15-minute language class. Play a game, make new friends and expand your ability to express yourself! Languages offered: Spanish, French & English


Upon entering the festival, guests will be greeted by volunteers and invited to add a link to a colorful paper chain to symbolize each of us coming together to celebrate our diversity and shared humanity.