Ivan & Cecilia Mao (China)

By November 3, 2021Dance Judge 2021

Mrs. Cecilia Mao in Performing Art of Dancing
Chinese Folk Dance: She was instructor/leader, choreographer, and costume designer of Chinese Folk Dance Troupe of CAACF in Orlando, FL (1978~1990). She also founded/lead Chinese Folk Dance Troupe of Michigan (1995~1999). Cecilia’s significant solo performances include “Apple Blossom” at 2008 Crystal Boot Award at Blackpool, England, and at 2006 World C&W Dance Championships in Stockholm, Sweden. Hula Dance: A member of Halau Hula O Kaleooka’iwa since 2008. This celebrated Hula dance troupe has been invited to perform at many events in Florida. Global Experience: Since 1982, in many countries mostly in Europe and Asia, Cecilia has visited local dance groups to study the music, choreography and costumes in their respective ethnic dance genres.

Professor Ivan Mao in Performing Art of Dancing
Championships: Dancing in Contemporary Line Dance competitions, Mao won, in his division up to the advanced level, at the Swedish (2 times), Swiss, French, Norwegian, and European championships from 2002 to 2006. At the 2005 World championships in Nashville, Tennessee, Ivan Mao won the World title at the intermediate/gold level, and won the same at the advanced/gold level in Stockholm, Sweden in 2006. At each championship, Mao competed and won in each of the 6 dance genres: Waltz, Lilt, Smooth, Latin, Funky, and Novelty.
Ivan & Cecilia Mao in Performing Art of Dancing
Instruction and Coaching: They were the instructors/leaders of the Nesset Linedance Club at Eidsvåg in Norway for 3 years (2001~04). Since 2004, they taught as many as 4 weekly classes in various locations In Orlando area until 2016. Currently, Ivan teaches only a weekly advanced level class. He has coached/trained dancers for competitions. Ivan guest-taught and conducted workshops in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Florida including the 3 workshops at the 2006 UCWDC World Championship Event in Stockholm, Sweden.

Performance: We were in show teams performing in many events in Scandinavia countries (2000~2002). We founded and lead New-Age Dancers, which was invited to present shows at many events in Florida (2006~2014).
Events Organized: As founder, organizer and overall chair, Mao conducted the World’s Festival offered by Rotary Club in Casselberry in early May of 2009, 2010 and 2011. Each edition of The World’s Festival featured 11 performances representing several cultures in Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Polynesia, and Central & South America.

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