Jason Fronczek (USA)

By September 14, 2020Gallery 2020

Jason Fronczek is a father, an artist and a photographer and has recently begun his professional artistic practice at McRae Art Studios, in Orlando Florida. For the past year, he worked as an art instructor for the Florida Prison Education Project, a UCF initiative to bring college level education into the prisons to give incarcerated persons a better chance on release. Born in 1972 in Orlando, Florida, Jason has always had an attraction to the camera but only recently began to master the technicalities of photography. The camera, lens, and lighting are only tools to be used. He believes the real art in photography is the connection between a subject and its environment. As a candid photographer, he likes to become invisible and capture the person, not the projected image. As an artist, Jason combines photography, mixed media, and installation to explore the dualities inherent in the relationships between art, memory, and culture; specifically as they relate to (in)visibility and the stigma surrounding mass incarceration and mental illness. Fronczek’s art asks viewers to slow down and take notice of the often unseen, overlooked, and discarded.

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