Jonathan Schork (Europe)

By September 14, 2020Gallery 2020

Born and raised in New York State’s idyllic Catskill Mountains, artist and author Jonathan Schork developed an early and profound love for wild places, organic forms, and the elements of earth and fire that strongly influenced his early work. With an education in the classics, his work turned strongly toward the aesthetics and function of art, rather than the popular current trends of protest- and insult-art. Several decades spent in an island home in the semitropical Florida Keys expanded his world view to encompass the aesthetics of oceans and the elements of wind and water. An award-winning sculptor who has shown in Europe, The U.K., and the U.S., schork has taught art in his private art studios, public arts institutes, and U.S. public schools. Among his most memorable pieces were 2007’s Pour les Enfants D’Astrios et Eos ii: Violes, a twenty metre long forest of steel masts with one-hundred fifty square metres of organza sails, prominently displayed in the desert at the U.S. counter-culture festival Burning Man, and 2019’s Thalidomide #12, a dead tree carved in situ in the form of a giant hand reflecting the costs of chemical contamination on the human body, in Chicago’s Midway-Plaisance Park. He has written for print media, and won awards for his 2018 book More Tales from the Enchanted Wood, a story for children of all ages.

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