Folk Dance Club Kaleidoscope (Russia, Ukraine, Jewish)

By October 27, 2021October 28th, 2021Dance Fusion 2021, Dance Heritage 2021

Folk dance club Kaleidoscope is a unique school that provides children of ages 4 to 21 with the opportunity to explore the varieties of nationalities, traditions, and how they impact our culture by learning folk dances. They are becoming familiar with various cultures when they perform in national costumes. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for many students who come from low-income and Russian-speaking families in the United States. We wish to bring them pleasure with what we do. Every year, folk dance club Kaleidoscope performs in events such as Dance Parade on Broadway, Victory Day in New York, Washington DC, Florida, Jewish Parade, and Polish festival. Also represented the World Festival of Youth and Students (WFYS) 2017 in the United Nations and presented it in Sochi, Russia, and frequently performed nonprofit performances on Brighton Beach Broadwalk and many other events.

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