Kelly Anderson (Minnesota, USA)

By September 14, 2020Gallery 2020

Art for me started my junior year of high school. 3 years later I obtained a degree in graphic design. After a kid, a marriage and another kid on the way, my husband and I started an art business. We built it over 10 years, impacting people left and right. Every opportunity allowed us to give back more. Now looking back, we did so much together. It was time for me to focus on myself. I had packed my suitcase until it was bursting at the seams. Try having secrets, thoughts and stories that are tucked deep away, hiding in corners and tugging on your bags zippers. One day that bag exploded and I started to unfold my emotions. One day, one emotion at a time. So often we deal with life and forget that others deal with life as well. My mixed media images depict the feelings that everyone encounters. The crayon ties in the childlike feel of safety and comfort. I use other items to tie in the meaning. I include dictionary cutouts. This helps to visualize the emotions most of us have. It even adds that personal touch. Each original image has its own story as a handwritten message that is sealed for one persona’s eyes. Purchasing an original gets you a piece of my luggage and my legacy.

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