Lenny LoRusso

By August 25, 20212021 Film Judges

Since 2004, Lenny has been president of Unified Systems, Inc., whose principal activities  currently include video production, editing services, web and graphic design, application  development, and digital marketing. 

In 2016, Lenny and his wife Tzvia founded the Orlando Independent Filmmakers (OIF), a large  private group of creatives with a passion for filmmaking.  

In 2019 Lenny founded the Organization of Independent Filmmakers, a non-profit dedicated to  providing free educational services to filmmaking enthusiasts as well as promoting their  participation and engagement in related activities. He currently serves as the organization’s  Executive Director and hopes to continue to impact lives by helping to open opportunities for those wishing to participate in the film industry. 

In 2020 Lenny and Tzvia started Sunbelt Productions, LLC to engage in the production of event  and film projects. They are proud of their community and remain adamant about hiring local  Florida crew and talent for their commercial projects whenever possible. 

In 2021 Lenny created Cenflare (CenFlArE – Central Florida Artists and Entertainers), a group  he hopes will continue to grow as a place where Artists and Entertainers are able to promote their  works and network with others in their field. Both Lenny and Tzvia continue to embrace efforts  that help creatives develop and reach their goals.

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