Linda Hayes Gallegos

By November 9, 2020Dance Judge

Dance — expressing oneself through movement — has always brought me great joy. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed many types of dance, including ballet, modern dance and flamenco, as well as Mexican, Latin American and international folk dance. But my passion has always been folk dance, the cultural expression of a group and the physical voice of its culture.  The groups I have danced with include:

  • Folklorico de la Universidad de Guadalajara (Mexican)
  • Grinnell College International Folk Dance group (European)
  • Alpine Festival Dancers (Austrian, Swiss, German)
  • Italian Festival Dancers
  • International Folk Dance Ensemble (Europe; Northern Eurasia, Greece, Israel)
  • Cefra Folk Dance Ensemble (Hungarian)
  • Bailes de Argentina
  • Venezuela Baila
  • Grupo Folklorico de Costa Rica

I have also been:

  • A member of the Orlando International Folk Dancers (a recreational folk dance club)
  • An international folk dance teacher and student (I recently learned some Ecuadorian dances as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador)
  • A director, choreographer and principal dancer of the Mexico Lindo Folkloric Dance Company
  • A director and choreographer of the Latin American Student Association Folk Dance Ensemble of the University of Central Florida (for two years)
  • Co-producer of the annual Hispanic Latin Fiesta, Orlando’s celebration of Latin American culture — including dance, song, music, food and crafts (for four years).
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