Lori Turchin

By August 26, 2020March 1st, 2021Film Curators

Ms. Turchin was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She Started her education at Brooklyn College and transferred to San Diego State University where Ms. Turchin earned her Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications & Film Production.

Ms. Turchin embarked on a 20+ year career in film, TV, Video, and still productions working in both the Los Angeles and Florida markets.

Starting at a top-rated commercial production company in L.A., Rick Levine Productions, Ms. Turchin worked her way up the ladder, working in just about every aspect of production and post-production, eventually landing as a Producer working predominantly in the field of high-end TV commercials.

Ms. Turchin Worked with many notable filmmakers and craftsman such as Directors; Rick Levine, Michael Werk, Adrian Lyne, David Fincher and Tony Scott, and D.P.’s, Gordon Willis, Stuart Dryburgh, and Phillipe Rousselot.

Additionally, Lori is the Festival Manager of the Global Peace Film Festival, in addition to being the Film Curator of the the FusionFest MYgration Short Film Contest.

Ms. Turchin started working at Full Sail University In 2004 teaching Screenwriting and has been with the History of Motion Picture Arts as an ACD from 2007 to present.


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