Mila Sketch (Scandinavia/Russia)

By September 14, 2020Gallery 2020

Mila Sketch is a multimedia visual artist. She is recognized internationally while calls Austin, TX, her home. Mila is known for her detailed and intricate large scale murals, elaborate and meaningful fine art paintings, and astonishing digital art. Her artworks can be found in Austin International Airport, Downtown Allentown PA, and Al Fattan Marine Tower in Dubai, UAE and other places worldwide.Mila works in graphic (“City Heart” painting), decorative (“NOLA” mural at Holiday Inn Club Vacations New Orleans Resort), pointillism (The Whale Drawings Collection), and steampunk styles ( “Four Elements.” AR Paintings, the UNESCO Media Arts Exhibition at SXSW 2018).From 2016 Mila has received public art awards for her work in Austin Int’l Airport, competitive exhibits in Bastrop, TX and many others. She has also won numerous art competitions, including the most recent National Art Call for the New Getaway Public Art, call in Allentown, PA, in 2020.In March 2020, Mila’s painting “Star Compass” was honored and exhibited at Zee Arts Gallery International Female Artshow in Dubai, UAE. Later this month, her “Bags” paintings took part in the Objects international exhibition in CICA Museum, South Korea.With many projects in mind, Mila continues to create every day and recently is experimenting with Augmented Reality and 3D installations.


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