Mimi Chan

By August 26, 2020Film Judges 2020

Mimi Chan received the “Most Inspiring Film” award at the Orlando Film Festival for her documentary film about her father, Pui Chan, along with awards at five other film festivals.  She served as the model and martial arts reference for Disney’s animated feature, Mulan.  She briefly worked in Hollywood doing stunt work and making small television appearances.  She has worked in the entertainment industry acting and performing stunts.  In Orlando, some of her live show experiences were at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

In addition to her passion for filmmaking, Mimi Chan is a rising martial artist for the 21st Century and has dedicated her life to teaching and training at the Wah Lum Kung Fu Temple started by her grandfather.  She began training there at age 3 and by age 5, Chan was already performing in local exhibitions.

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