Nandkishor Muley

By November 3, 2021Music Judge 2021

Santur (Santoor) maestro Nandkishor Muley is considered the leading performer of this ancient, delicate instrument from the vibrant land of India. Nandkishor comes from a long lineage of musicians. Educated early in vocals and Tabla from his father Dattatraya and uncle Shrikant Muley. He is holding Masters degree in Indian music and Kathak dance from M.S. University of Baroda. Nandkishor had already received acclaim in India before entering study on the Santur with Pundit Shivkumar Sharma, which led to his current esteem as a principal figure in Indian music.

Nandkishor has been accredited with German Grammy Award, the famous “Surmani” award, the Excellence Art and Cultural Educator award from United Arts of Florida (USA), just to name a few. Nandkishor is widely travels different parts of world for his musical performances. His lectures and workshops on Indian Vocal & Instrumental classical music are highly educative to enrich learners & artists. He is an adjunct professor of Indian music and dance at Stetson University and University Of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando. Florida (USA).

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