By October 8, 2020November 12th, 2020Music Fusion 2020, Music Heritage 2020

SIR.ILL was born in Queens New York 1985 July 26th. Puerto Rican descent mother and father move to Florida for a better life for their children. He was raised in the east side of Orlando Florida. He moved many times because his father was a truck driver and was always on the move. Tragically at the age of 15 his father passed away. He at the time had to stay with family friends for the remainder of his teenage years. Which had caused him to fall in the bad habits and bad decision making. He grew up performing as a rapper in a R&B group. Where he fell into lust and idolism. A few years later he met his now wife Julie Torres at the age of 21 and she had became pregnant with their first born daughter. Then had later became married and had another daughter 6 years after and found God through music. Luis Alberto Estrada Cano, better known by his stage name “Luisito El Maniatico” is a Nicaraguan Americano Reggaeton singer. Maniatico was 1 of 5 called Los Dementes known as Demente Muzik. Performing in local clubs and events around Orlando Fl like Festival Calle Orange, and Latin Festival Calle 8 in Miami Fl. (2005 – 2012) Maniatico is looking to put the Nicaragua people on the map in the Latin Urban music world. (Active) as of today Working on his craft and music. Joined together with (Fame) and (Sir’ill) to form the New English/Latin movement group (NU3VO) . Luis Rivera is a Hispanic musician better known by his stage name Fame Born in Chicago, Illinois raised in the inner city of Humboldt Park Started writing and rapping his own lyrics at the age of 14 as away to stay away from all the violence going on in the streets Hoping that thru his music he could one day change the life of other kids going thru the same situations he had been experiencing Fame felt that music had changed his life in so many ways to the point where he now strongly believes that he can change lives thru his music whether its making someone smile or making somebody dance as long as everyone is happy then his mission is complete.

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