Rajni Shankar-Brown (USA, I)

Rajni Shankar-Brown, Ph.D., is a Professor and Chair of Social Justice Education at Stetson University, as well as the Vice President of the National Coalition for the Homeless and an education world delegate. Rajni is also a passionate Amma (Mom), writer, painter, spoken word artist, and human rights activist. She has published leading education books and articles, as well as poetry. Her recently published collection of poetry Tuluminous has been praised as “a marvelous and meaningful testimony of the power of language to heal and transform” by the Presidential Inaugural Poet, Richard Blanco, and she is described as the “Poet Laureate of the just society” by NYU’s Moral Courage Project Founder, Irshad Manji. Rajni describes the arts, especially spoken word, as transformative forces and healing tonic in her life. In addition to her work as an artist and educator, she is leading national public policy efforts focused on economic and housing justice, racial equity, and environmental sustainability. She resides in Central Florida with her family and two sweet English Lop rabbits, Hazel Basil and Maple Sage.

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