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Help us show the world the beauty of diversity here in Central Florida!

Your investment is needed to ensure that the third annual FusionFest will take place in November. Donate today and get your name on the list.

Diversitastic! Partners

Thank You for Your Donation!

Donate today and get YOUR NAME on the list!

Goal: $10,000

Raised: $5,381
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You will receive:
  • Ambassador Badge sticker in the mail
  • Your name listed on the website as a Diversitastic! Partner

All of the above, plus:

  • A V.I.P. Passport that includes:
    • 1 (one) Neck Wallet
    • 4 (four) Food Tokens
    • 1 (one) Souvenir button
    • 1 (one) Prize Ticket
    • 1 (one) Super Prize Raffle Ticket ($300 Gift Card)
All the above, plus:
  • The choice to be a Flag sponsor
Flag sponsors ensure that the flag of their choosing is in the Opening Spectacle both days and flying on the avenue of flags with their name on it as a sponsor
ANY AMOUNT FROM $301 TO $3,000
All of the above, plus:
  • Reserved seating (socially distanced) at stages and times you designate.
$3,001 OR MORE
All of the above, plus:
  • Your favorite holiday celebrated in the Holidays Around the World, with your name as sponsor and participation in the holiday celebration as you would desire.
  • $5 Directional poster (helping find the restrooms or instructions on COVID19 protocols
  • $9 one table
  • $15 facial coverings for 3 volunteers
  • $30 one microphone
  • $44 Rent 40 chairs
  • $60 Have one festival toilet
  • $90 T-shirts for 10 volunteers
  • $180 three hand washing station
  • $200 recycling food vendor cooking oil
  • $300 origami supplies
  • $400 ice for cooling drinks
  • $500 Poetry Slam awards
  • $761 Changing tent for the performers
  • $900 water for the more than 1,000 performers and volunteers
  • $1,000 one of the fusion awards
  • $2,600 street closure barriers and signage
  • $3,000 inflatable welcome archway
  • $4,800 stage