Produce a short MYgration film – from 3 to 5 minutes long – that tells the personal stories of how people from other parts of the world came to live in Central Florida and adapted to life here.

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Join the Diversitastic Choir to end each day of the festival with the rousing and meaningful “I Can Be Me Here” anthem composed by Orlando Eye on Talent specifically for FusionFest.

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Bring the twists and turns of the Chinese lion dance, the lilting leaps of Irish step dance, the energetic drive of African movement, or the patterns of the dances from your heritage. Create never-before-seen combinations of dance from different geographic regions in the FusionFest Contest.

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Join in with the beguiling beat of inviting rhythms – African drums, Chinese pipa, Scottish bagpipes, American blues guitar, Indian sitar, French accordion, Mexican pan flutes – the music you love that comes from your heritage. We delight to include instruments some might never have seen as well as familiar tunes you grew up with. Create a new work in the FusionFest Contest that blends elements from different parts of the world.

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Wear your culture. By wearing the clothing rooted in the society of your heritage, you tell its story.  Inspire members of the Central Florida community in the Heritage Runway Showcase or display your talents as part of the Fusion Fashion.

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Rap about the diversity around us, tell stories from around the world, or take the audience through a verbal labyrinth of international poetry traditions.

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Visual Arts

Add color to our lives and visual evidence to our welcoming Central Florida home – a cross-roads of the world by offering your talents as an artist for sale and with “I can be me here”-themed art.

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Contribute to the tantalizing explosion of aromas at the International Food Court, where a vast array of yumminess awaits. Prepare sample-size portions of sweet and savory culinary specialties and beverages from around the world, from exotic treats to down-home delights. Combine ingredients, spices or preparation techniques native to the seven continents to compete with FusionFest Contest medleys.

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