Terry Olson

Chief Instigator
Trying to inspire and keep track of it all

Thali Sugisawa

Business Maven
Getting the money in, keeping track of its going out

Anthony Jansen

Chief Financial Overlord
Handling vendor payouts and on-site sales along with overall books

Debbie Fahmie

Fundraising & Choir Champion
Soliciting choirs to join the Diversitastic! Choir and sell V.I.P. Packages

Nickie Drumb

Visual Co-Conspirator
Bringing our brand to documents

Matthew Weller

Social Savant
Maximizing social media

Steve Schneider

Word Wiz
Creating written descriptions

Kevin Findlay

Master Schmoozer
Special events promotion

Ellen & Peter Gordon

Sales Troopers
Providing day-of, on-site sales

Charles Phillips

Benefits Beacon
Collecting prizes for the button benefits

Lindy Shepherd

County Connection
Working County Communications Channels

Mike Felix

Digital Geek
Website development

Jeff Matz

Visual Viscount
Creator of the visual brand

Mark Terry

Brand Poobah
Assembling the elements to create the brand

Dave Plotkin

Development Guide
Advising on sponsorship

Sharan Sathya

Image Catcher

Jae Nale

Mistress of the Site & Pope of Production
Bringing all the permits, tents, stages, lights, – all logistics together to make the event run smoothly

Paula Wyatt

Fashion Curator
Runway shows

Leo Aether

Music Curator
Musical acts, Fusion Contest and Remix Contest

Teresa Borker

Dance Curator
Dance performances, Fusion Contest, Parade Costumes

Shawn Welcome

Word Curator
Word stage performances and contests

Nina Streich & Lori Turchin

Film Curator
Film contest and pavilion

MicheLee Puppets

Puppet Pros
Training and supervision of puppets

Joshua Vickery

Choir Master
Organizing the Diversitastic! Choir

Mike Seif

Motion Catcher

Emmy Collins

Message Compiler
Script for the MC’s

Creative & Business Partners

TK Orlando

Mark Terry

Brand Poobah

Global Peace Film Festival

Lori Turchin and Nina Streich

Film Curators

Courthouse Creative

Dave Plotkin

Development Guide 

MicheLee Puppets

Jamie Donmoyer and Tracey Conner



Samí Haiman-Marrero, Xaulanda Simmonds-Emmanuel and Maria Garcia de la Noceda

Public Faceologists

Orlando Eye on Talent

Elisabeth Withers-Mendes, Damon Mendes and Kenny Seymour

Musical Luminaries

Creators of the theme song and lead singer for the Diversitastic! Choir

Downtown Arts District

Kat Quas, Barbara Hartley and Ha’Ani Hogan

Visual Purveyors