Team and Creative Partners

A collective of people who are passionate about diversity, culture, collaboration, inclusiveness and innovation. The year-round program of parades, dining experiences and the annual festival is the work of a dedicated team whose largely volunteer effortsStep up and meet the crew whose skills and stories are as diverse as FusionFest itself.

Terry Olson

Chief Instigator

Thali Sugisawa

Project & Business Manager

Barbara Hartley

Downtown Arts District Executive Director

Alex Moonsang

Graphic Design

Thuyvi Gates

Video Producer

Miguel Delarosa

Video Producer

Maria Mancia-Vayo

Culinary Events Curator

Chris Belt

Music Curator

Teresa Borker

Dance Curator

Shawn Welcome

Spoken Word Curator

Blu Bailey

Teen Poets Curator

Ray Jimenez

Haikus Curator

Laura Flores

Literature Curator

Claudia Atkins-Martin

Storytelling Curator

Paula Wyatt

Fashion Curator

Lori Turchin

Film Curator

Nina Streich

Film Curator

Tisse Mallon

Interactive Village Curator

Danielle Ziss

Danielle Ziss

Virtual World Curator

Masami Koshikawa

Origami Experience

Ha'Ani Hogan

wallFLOWER Creator

Giovanni Bravo Ruiz

Orlando Language Exchange

Logan Anderson

Culture Café

Debbie Fahmie

Choir Coordinator

Dr. Jeff Redding

Choir Conductor

Dr. Kelly Miller

Choir Co-Conductor

Kat Quast

Visual Arts Curator

Fabie Reid

Global Street Dance Party Coordinator

Beatriz Andrekovich

Fun & Games Coordinator

Stacy Nale-Stadom

Vendors Coordinator

Crystal Edwards

Volunteer & Programming Coordinator

Linda Hayes Gallegos

Holidays Around the World

Kevin Findlay

Promotional Events

Tracey Conner


Barbara Tiffany

Mural Installation

Emmy Collins

Gong & Group Photo

Mike Felix

Digital Consultant

Ilene Lieber

Public Relations

Carol Palacio



Social Media Coordinator

Jae Nale

Site Coordinator

Amy Hadley

Tech Director

Anthony Jansen

On-Site Sales Supervisor

Ellen & Peter Gordon

Sales & Flags for Opening Spectacle

Dave Russell

M.C. Lead

Mary Thompson-Hunt


Charles Phillips

Prizes Curator