Victorious McLeod (African American)

By November 22, 2021Gallery 2021

Victorious Faith McLeod (b. 1993, Hollywood) is an Orlando based figurative painter and filmmaker. He is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Film from University of Central Florida and has trained in the classical tradition of apprenticeship with artists David Molesky and Richard T Scott. My work is a personal interpretation of the African American experience, and what that may entail. I am in a constant state of contemplation of the political, spiritual, emotional, and cultural nature of Black culture, and being a black man is one of my primary exploratory points. Culturally, generations of people descended from Africans use folklore as a way to communicate survival lessons across time. I use this form of mythos, a traditional method of storytelling to mythologize the self, in an effort to relay my personal experience to later generations and generate more narrative work involving Black Americans.

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