Vidisha Bajpai (India)

By November 22, 2021Gallery 2021

My name is Vidisha Bajpai and I’m a self taught visual artist based in Orlando,FL after moving from Dallas, TX. Painting is a spiritual journey for me wherein each of my artwork reflects my love and passion. It’s like a meditation. I have worked in abstract art, Indian folk art,Tuscany art. I love to work with oil and acrylic paints. I have been painting since I was 5 years old and I have been teaching art for the past 10years. My work has been exhibited at various art shows and galleries in Dallas Bishop Arts District, Frisco Discovery Center, ‪McKinney Performing Arts Center‬, ‪Irving Arts Center‬, Dallas ‪Latino Cultural center‬, ‪Bath House Cultural center‬ in Dallas TX. For past couple of years, I am working on Indian Folk art called Madhubani. This is an ancient art form which depicts lot about Indian culture. Each canvas is my own representation of Madhubani. I used the vibrant colors which represents joy. Each painting has a spiritual meaning behind it.

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