WHAT: Perform at FusionFest! There are five ways to participate:

    • Poetry Slam: Pour your thoughts about inclusion and Central Florida into a 3 minute poem to compete for one of two $500 awards. Twelve poets each day. Content must be family friendly.
    • Storytelling: Mesmerize the audience with a narrative from one of the world’s folk. Content must be related to your heritage or culture.
    • Teen Poets: A showcase of teen expression in 3 minute performances.
    • Literature: Read a short poem from the great literature of your culture in its original language followed by English translation. 
    • Haikus:Condense our hospitable community into short haikus to compete for two $50 prizes. Participants will need to be prepared with a minimum of six haikus related to our diversity in Central Florida.

HOW: Fill out the application with your information and the category you want to perform in. 


  • Sept. 1: Applications Deadline
  • Sept. 15: Acceptance Notifications
  • Nov. 27 & 28: FusionFest
  • Nov. 27: Opening Spectacle at 11 a.m.
  • Nov. 28: Awards Show at FusionFest starting at 6:00 p.m. 

PRIZE: Poetry Slam – two $500 prizes & Haikus – two $50 prizes.

Click below to fill out an application. Deadline is Sept. 1!

Spoken Word Curators

Poetry Slam

Shawn Welcome


Ray Jimenez


Claudia Atkins-Martin


Laura Flores